Pop and Fizzle

October 14, 2014 - Leave a Response

You know that feeling, when you wake up on New Year’s day, expecting to somehow have experienced a rebirth, yet still feel the silent sting of champagne?

Polo prep

That is how i’ve felt for the past three days.

Sweet mother of pearl.

I cannot get out of my champagne coma thanks to VC Polo Classic, or as I call it

the Peasant Classic.

Peasant chic

Aw hell.

While it was a great event, I was more concerned with seeking shade and hydration.

The need to quench my thirst made me see the a mirage of a tent which I somehow then hallucinated to buying a towel and a bottle of champagne.



Thank god it’s not the first of the month…


My judgement impaired, I sat to watch the Polo match…



I was still in a champagne coma on  sunday when I was dragged to Kygo, left, and went to Roscoe’s.

Then this happened.


If you’re wondering what was in that small empty bowl, it was macaroni and cheese.

#yolo #polo

Aw Hell

September 30, 2014 - Leave a Response

Aw hell to insufficient funds, overdraft fees, and pizza binges.

I am going to create a go-fund me for this Vince cape. #peasant

I am going to create a go-fund-me for this Vince cape. #peasant

My friend Katie said it best:

“Wells Fargo keeps calling me because I over drafted. What they don’t understand is I don’t care.”

The week was filled with foolishness and frivolousness.

I ate it all. Salted carmel and cookie dough from Salt and Straw.  P E R F E C T I O N

Frivolous- I ate it all. Salted carmel and cookie dough from Salt and Straw.

Monday, I went zero to 100 real quick at the Drake concert.

photo 1

The Young Money gods were on our side since our hour Uber was $0.00.

photo 1

My friend Melissa and I bought last minute tickets and ended up sitting in the very, VERY back of the bowl.

Started from the bottom, now we here.


photo 4-1

We out here

My chardonnay supply that I got from Trader Joe’s is now depleted since we celebrated my friend Natasha’s birthday on Saturday.

photo 4

Actually the chardonnay is gone. I just went to check the fridge and all that’s left is a half bottle of Andre.


My meth

My meth

Lots of cupcakes and tequila which led us to the Wilshire for a dejavu to my days as club rat aka Lindsay Lisa.

photo 5

I was a little tired and sunburned since I went to the beach and had the great moment of shocking my friends with my ability to surf.

Many still believe this photo is altered, but now I have witnesses who can attest to my coordination.

Ya brah

Just call me Ann Marie.


Sorry for my BRB, but Giggles is back.

My roommate is clearly having withdrawals from the absence of Giggles as well as feeling the effect of the Wilshire. She posted this on FB at 2 am...

My roommate is clearly having withdrawals from the absence of Giggles as well as feeling the effect of the Wilshire. She posted this on FB at 2 am…

Swan Life

July 8, 2014 - Leave a Response

My quest to the Hamptons started and ended in turbulence.

The plane ride felt like I was in a washing machine.

As soon as I got into the city though, the aroma of hot dogs mixed with humidity reminded me of why I love that congested town so much.

Night one in NYC was pretty tame- I went to Drybar with suitcase in tow, had a few glasses of wine, ran into #seankelly, and ate a piece of pizza.

photo 1-4


Before the Hamps, we made a stop at Laduree grabbed some macaroons and were off on our adventure.

photo 1



photo 2-4

I could not tell you what the beach, town, or restaurants looked like because we did not leave our beautiful home on 14 Powers Drive.



It was madness.

What happens in the Hamptons, stays in the Hamptons…

Arthur can't stop us.

Hurricane Arthur can’t stop us.

OR it goes on the stream which was introduced to our group of 10 by Allie Gradinger.

If the stream was made public we would all be in trouble.

photo 2-3

photo 2-2

Perhaps, we already are…

The last day of #swanlife, the non-New Yorkers were sitting in the train station, borderline despair, when 4 new items were uploaded to the stream.


photo 4

The people who stayed back at the house discovered the owners had cameras that had recorded our whole weekend.

The Real World: South Hampton

The Real World: South Hampton


The videos on the stream alleviated our stress of missing our train in South Hampton.

"I literally can't."

“I literally can’t.”

The doors opened on our 2:30 train and there was literally no where to sit.

The floor wasn’t even an option.

For two and a half hours, we sat on our suitcases watching as our phones died one by one and each of us realizing the sad reality that we were all going to miss our flights.

We were never getting home

We out here

There was no way we could all make our 5:30 boarding times.

We got off the train in Jamaica, NY and everyone fled to their airports.

Except for me, who could not find a cab.

Was this happening?

Finally flagged down a cab, and headed to JFK. My phone had died on the train and my only communication was my iPad.

I looked like a fool face timing and texting on it.

photo 5

I pulled up to JFK swiped my card, and started to grab all my things which were in shambles.

The screen remained the same- his machine was broken.

He told me I had to go into JFK and “buy a sandwich” so I could bring back cash to pay for my $17.96 cab ride.

That’s when I lost it.

It was 5:05pm and I was getting yelled at by my cab driver thinking that because of him I was going to miss my flight.

Then an angel appeared.

The airport patrol guys who usually yell at everyone became my saving grace.

“What’s going on here?” I told him the situation with tears in my eyes and he was so furious with the cab driver that at that moment I didn’t feel bad.

I gave the cab driver the crumpled up $9.00 I had in cash, ran through security and boarded my


photo 2-1

It wouldn’t have been the apocalypse if I missed my flight since Shake Shack is in the Delta terminal.

Due to my appearance, I was wearing my sunglasses on the plane because I legitimately looked like an opossum/road kill.

I hand the Delta employee my boarding pass when he looks at me and says, “America’s next super model.”

This would have set me over the edge if I hadn’t had the cab situation happen.

It's, it's not me.

#mrsiglesias #itsnotme

The only cure

The only cure


June 18, 2014 - Leave a Response

Where does my paycheck go?

To Whole Foods and Margaritas.

photo 5

It’s amazing how my bank account is able to make me feel like I could make it rain in da club, to peasant status in the span of a weekend.

When i’m feeling ultra peasant (serf) I normally jump on the 10 back to my old roommates Cathy and John.

photo 3

This was one of those weekends when it was acceptable (Father’s Day) to take full advantage of the amenities at Chateau du Rossmore as well as spend quality time with the parents.

photo 1
The weekend was filled with overeating/drinking and a great victory by the Spurs.

photo 4

This relaxing weekend was essential, considering the madness that will take place in the greater Los Angeles area in the next few days.

You can take the girls out of Tucson, but you can’t take the Tucson out of the girls.


They’re coming…

Young Adult

June 13, 2014 - Leave a Response

photo 1

There are many aspects of adult life that I enjoy, and there are many I do not want to face.

For instance, my mailbox which contains bills.

photo 4

Besides being forever a #peasant, I really enjoy working, especially with such fabulous people.

I promised my co-workers a cardio party when we all decided to attend Soul Cycle this week.

Instead, we had a wannabe boy band instructor who used the class to show off his sub par vocals to Destiny’s Child “Survivor.”

Sweet Jesus.

photo 5

We ride together, we die together

I am hoping to have a moment of relaxation this weekend, but have a feeling that won’t happen.



photo 3

photo 2

A Weekend in the Wood

June 3, 2014 - Leave a Response

For approximately 3 seconds, I thought the apocalypse from 2013 was coming back to haunt me with all it’s wrath.

The best season of them all

The best season of them all

I was about to bop around Brentwood and get my fro-yo when the earthquake hit.

OP and I ran into the doorway thinking at any moment our newly hung TV was about to fall and break into a thousand pieces (it didn’t).

Happy birthday Reeny!

Happy birthday Reeny!

The real apocalypse occurred Friday night when Hotel Shangri-La decided to rip me off to the fifth.

photo 1


It was a great weekend full of catching up with friends, celebrating, and once again eating way too much pizza.

I promised my aunt Joannie a day at the Drybar. She was ecstatic.

I promised my aunt Joannie a day at the Drybar. She was ecstatic. 

A Memorable Memorial Day

May 29, 2014 - Leave a Response

I visited every bar in the city of Santa Monica.

Gaslite, Q’s, Brick and Mortar, Cabo Cantina, Bungalow, and The Victorian.

photo 2

And now I am paying for it.


#peasant #hungergames

Sweet mother of pearl it was a marathon.

As soon as I left work, I ventured to Cabo Cantina which led me to Gaslite. All good things happen at the Gaslite, except when my friend TRENT PETERS spilled a drink all over my pants and my rendition of “You’re So Vain” received crickets.

Not cool.

Not cool…

The culprit trying to conceal  himself

The culprit trying to conceal himself

 May madness continued as I celebrated two more birthday Fiesta’s back to back on Saturday and Sunday.

photo 4.PNG

Birthday 6- Katie Lubanko 5/22

Sunday in a nutshell

photo 3-1

Birthday 7- Blake Olson 5/25

The  Bungalow was madness.

That is all I will say.

I ended my long weekend with Marg number 30 and sat on the sand silently reflecting my actions from this wonderful weekend.

Happy Memorial Day.

Thank god there isn’t another holiday until July.

photo 5-1

Sizzle & Scorch

May 19, 2014 - Leave a Response

Am I back in college?

Not quite, but my recent move to B-wood has made the distant memories of college lyfe reappear.

I enjoy my views at 7:45

My view at 7:45p

I’ve had pizza every night for dinner, I run into a thousand people when I’m boppin’ around Barrington, and it’s been a dry desert heat inferno.

I’ve made major strides since my days in the desert to my adult lyfe in Brentwood.



Vodka bottles have been replaced with wine bottles and I would say I’ve become a tad bit more responsible.

photo 2

Perhaps not, as I nearly set my hair and apartment ablaze when I refused to let go of my jenky curling iron I’ve had since basically 99’.

It was falling apart (literally pieces were missing) but I refused to throw it away.

My best friend advised I should put it down after I placed it on my tabletop and a little baby spark came out.

R+D Kitchen

R+D Kitchen

All of a sudden, I hear this loud crack and a flame comes out as I’m curling my hair causing Irina to nearly have a stroke on my bathroom floor.

I then blew a fuse in half of my apartment.


Besides nearly burning my hair off, I celebrated a few more May birthdays this week and have many more this month.



Feliz Cumpleanos,


Not waiting until the song was over to eat his birthday cake…typical.

Birthday 4- My Dad 5/14. Not waiting until the song was over to eat his birthday cake-typical…


Birthday 5- Marissa Stahl 5/17

Hell Exists

May 10, 2014 - Leave a Response

There is a hell, and it’s called going to IKEA hungover.

Sweet mother of pearl.

Thank god they have cones and hot dogs or else I would be curled up in the fetal position in the bed section cursing that swedish establishment.

photo 2

*Side note- Swedish Fish are made in Canada. I feel like I have been living a lie.

photo 3

After waking up like this last Sunday,

I woke up like this.

I woke up like this.

I was forced by Carms to brace Burbank and venture to IKEA. There really could not be a worse time for me to move out of my house and into an apartment.

May is the birthday apocalypse.

Every single person I know, family and friends, is born in May.

Birthday 1-Carms

Birthday 1-Carms 5/3

So on top of my social schedule being packed to the fifth, I am constantly shuffling to World Market, Target, and my fave Ikea.

Birthday 2- Chris Hovsepian

Birthday 2- Chris Hovsepian 5/3

Last Sunday, was when I was in a truly dark place. As we moved 5 MPH on the 405 North, I played Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” on repeat. I legit played it 4 times.

photo 1

I may complain about Ikea, but there are some perks. CPK is right across the street TBT to middle school #spinachartichokedip.

Birthday 3- Lauren Kohli. 5/8

Birthday 3- Lauren Kohli. 5/8

Today I move to B-Wood to begin a new chapter and I couldn’t be more excited.

Minus the unpacking portion of course.

Stay tuned, because things are going to get weird.




April 22, 2014 - Leave a Response

Who would have thought that the time I go to Vegas with my parents would go down in history as one of the best trips I’ve ever had in that desert of sin.

My cousin was getting married, so the whole Carmack/Jones/O’Neil/Symes clan gathered at the Wynn for some “wholesome” fun.

The Cousins

The Cousins

As we waited in the lobby, my grandpa informed us that he had never stayed in Vegas before, but had stayed in a trailer park 20 minutes outside of the city.

Wait, what?

The ceremony was gorgeous and extremely intimate, especially when right before the bride walked down the aisle, my grandpa decided he needed to capture the moment and halt the ceremony so he could get the best possible shot of her walking to her groom.

This was not taken by my grandpa

This was not taken by my grandpa

 After a much needed inhale of filet mignon and quite a few vodka sodas, we enjoyed the reception, then headed to the casino to gamble. Which apparently my underage cousin has a real gift with considering he won $700.00.


He won big but lost his ID. My cousin Katie and I tried to retrieve/bribe the bouncer to which we were told we would be escorted off the premises.

Katie cashing in

Katie cashing in


Day two started with a slow start, after my family AKA the entire groom’s side arrived 30 minutes late to a sit down brunch. Yikes. After being revived with some waffles and mimosas we gambled.

I realized I needed some fresh air, and hopped into a cab to Wet Republic.

Some new friends #elnino

Some new friends #elnino


Sweet mother of pearl it was amazing.

Special thanks to my grandbebe Kim Isley for setting us up for too many vodka Red Bulls, and a whole lot of madness.


Did I mention, Calvin Harris was there?

TBT to five days ago at Coachella.


Bopped back to our hotel, showered in record time, then cabbed to New York, New York.

You have not lived in Vegas until you have gone to Piano Bar.


I’ll end the night with that comment out of respect for myself, and my family.

The next day was a disaster.

It was also Easter.


I spent my Easter  in the back of my parent’s car, scarfing down Earl of a Sandwich while this is what happened to my cousin….

My uncle was driving…


Happy Easter and Congratulations Jimmie and Carla!


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