Destroy my computer

I’m actually going to set my computer on fire.

I could honestly take a baseball bat to my BRAND NEW mac.

Tonight has not been my night. Yes my problems may seem petty, but with my mental state after this out of control weekend I am on edge.

Not only did I miss half of Kim and Kourtney take New York but my evil mac turned on me.

E! also deceived me by telling me KKTNY was on at 10.


It was on at 11.

I have been waiting since literally 2001 for this finale.

So because I am a journalism major, one of my assignments was to write about the content, style, and image of a newscast. I wrote about the 10 pm newscast of K gun 9. But my computer was not letting me save documents all night.

how odd? why?

I always save.

Its been instilled in me to save after 1 minute. But I thought, “it will be fine. It’s not like i’m going to lose my work.”

As I go and print it, the apocalypse: Gone.

Auto recovery not set up on the new mac.

There are no newscasts past 11.

Frantic, I called UITS… nothing.

So guess who will be waking up when its dark outside to watch a 6 am newscast?