by lcjonesla

Now that I have a full time job, I really appreciate those who work on the weekend, especially on a holiday weekend.

I decided to share my appreciation with a barista at Starbs on Friday.

Me: Thank you so much for being open. I really appreciate it.

Barista:  What do you mean? Every big retail store is open this weekend.

Me: Oh I know, but I just got a job and now really appreciate those that have to work on the weekend… So thank you.

Barista: This is your first job?

Me: Yeah, because I’m young.

Barista: How old are you?

Me: 22.

Barista: That’s not that young.

Me: Well I’v e had fake jobs like babysitting and a camp counselor.

Barista: Those count.

Me: No they don’t.

And then he gave me a free drink.

Boom baby.

I also told the woman who worked at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles how I appreciated her for working there…

At 2:15 AM.

I walked around Hollywood in this. Call the police.

I walked around Hollywood in this. Call the police.