Apparently my dad really wants me to move out of the house.

He said he found a great apartment for me to live in that was close to our house and also to Larchmont.

“Go right on 3rd for 8 blocks.”

Not a good sign.

The apartment was located in “Little Bangladesh.”

The neighborhood
The neighborhood

We pulled up to the red house and i’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

My future apartment according to my dad
My future apartment according to my dad

I later mosied to The Grove and realized that around Christmas time, it  slowly resembles Disneyland more and more.

Except they have alcohol and cute stores.

It’s such a happy place and I feel like I have spent the past two days there.

Anyways, The Grove is right next to CBS.

They tape Dancing with the Stars, X- Factor, and American Idol there, so when I saw a huge crowd of people and paparazzi swarm the gate  I thought it could be possible my idol was there.

And she was.

I nearly got into a car accident swerving to the side of the road after a pap told me it was in fact

Britney Spears.

Just because. WTFE
Just because. WTFE

If there was parking, which of course there wasn’t, I would have gotten out of the car  and been pressed against that fence just like the 30  other people.

I have faith Brit and I will cross paths another day.