Man in the (beaded) mask

Where do I begin to describe the Yeezus concert?

For starters, I had pretty bomb seats and felt I was able to get the full experience of Ye’s vision for the set.


There was the iceberg that sunk the Titanic as the focal point of the stage, and Darth Vader’s spaceship that sat within the audience.

Some would say mountain, I would call it an iceberg or a replica of Vasquez Rocks where Yeezus and also Jesus emerged throughout the show.

photo 1


Then of course there were the thong clad back up dancers that resembled wild primates and or Yeezus’s disciples who would occasionally swarm/ follow him up the iceberg.


I found Yeezus’s outfit offensive.

Not because it was in any way controversial, but because the people who paid quite a bit of money (the people on the floor) were staring at a beaded mask for the duration of the show.

photo 2

The mask resembled an armadillo at one point, and also a studded iPhone 5 case from Urban Outiftters.

I worried this would happen after watching the VMA’s where the audience saw 30 seconds of Kanye, then switched to a shot of him behind a screen.

I get it- This is the age of over exposure/sharing, but when people are coming to see you, and only you, give the people what they want.

Not like anyone cared that they couldn’t see him.

photo 3
Chardonnay and Kanye

Kanye West enticed the crowd enough that by the second song of the show, I thought people were going to start speaking in tongues.

Every single person looked like they were having the time of their life.

The actual sound during the show was off, but I left feeling fulfilled especially after hearing “Blood on the Leaves.”

I felt extremely fulfilled after running into a camel during my coffee run on Larchmont though the next morning.

photo 4