Halloween is my favorite holiday.

October is my favorite month. Not because I enjoy the scary aspects, but because I feel it is a transitional time from Summer to Fall.

And I also have a weird obsession with everything pumpkin.

photo 1
Pumpkin ravioli from Girasole

Speaking of scary, some weird shiz has been going down in my house.

The only thing I know about my house is that it was built in the 1920’s. Over the past few weeks, weird things have been happening.

The annual decorations
The annual decorations

Two weeks ago, my friends Michelle and Andres stayed in our downstairs bedroom. The room has a little sitting area, and then a separate bedroom.

That night, Michelle called me at four AM and told me that she needed to get out of the room.

photo 3
My Halloween kitty Boo

I asked her if she and Andres were wanting to leave at 4 AM. She told me that Andres just needed to use the restroom and that they couldn’t get out of the room.

I go downstairs to the bedroom and see that the door is locked from the outside.

photo 4
Cupcakes I baked for my office

There is no possible way that they could have locked themselves in there because the lock was on the outside.

Neither me nor my parents went downstairs that night so the lock is  a mystery.

Another scary part of this story, is that Andres told me that not only did they not close the door, but that it was left ajar.

Spooky Stuff.

Happy Halloween!