Desert Flash

I’ve been stressed AF and needed a moment.


Jordan was fully aware that I was code red and booked us a trip to the desert.

My oasis. My mirage of reality. My home #tbt desert life @ The U of A.

The Parker was overpriced and foolishly expensive ($700/night), so we Gooped it and booked the Sparrows Lodge.


Jordan refers to the bible of Yelp for knowledge of experience at any restaurant/hotel.

The only negative review we read of the Sparrow, was that there was one room next to the highway that felt like you were sleeping on the 405.


We arrive to Sparrow and were greeted with a glass of sangria (dying) as we walked to our room.

Out of the 20 rooms on the property, guess which one we got…

Villa de 405.


Jordan was not allured by the rustic chic and beautiful outdoor patio and asked for a switch.

All sold out. Not chill.


At least offer a discounted rate for the maintenance shed!

They also did not have tequila at the bar barn, which that alone made Jordan want to depart.


Later Sparrows, headed to Rancho Mirage.

We didn’t know what to expect after booking the luxy Ritz Carlton within an hour with points, but were not disappointed.

 This hotel did have tequila, and we sat on the deck watching the sun set over the desert.


After canceling our original dinner reservation @ Workshop which has been on my list since 2014, we tried to get in via Ritz concierge, but were unable to until 9:45pm.

Giggles needs to be fed no later than 8:15pm.

After a few margs, I got the courage to call for the third time, and the tequila gods acted in my favor.


Reservation. Booth. 6:15pm.


Thank you Casa Azul.


After some room service, and a seriously depressing ending to the film Allied, we woke up to a beautiful 75 degree day.


It was a bit disorienting to be in the desert with the palm trees and seeing the snowcapped mountains in the background.


Were we in Mammoth or Palm Springs?

I did not want to leave, but as we departed, we bopped over to the $700/night hotel for lunch, then stopped at the outlets for a deal.


Due to my summer top, and the wind tunnels, I managed to flash every patron in the mall.


I made it rain at Joie, then ate an entire box of Triscuits in the three hours we were in traffic.


Thank you, Jordan for planning a fabulous weekend in one of my favorite places.