New format, new gigs.

I decided to change that sleepyhollow-esque header of gigglesbyjones to my future home of Florence, Italy. According to Google, giggles will now translate to: Raddachiabyjones.

I cannot wait to venture to Italia to indulge in my favorite food: Carbohydrates. Hopefully I will still be recognizable when I return to the United States. Yikes.

The summer of 2011 feels like redemption. Redemption of me now being 21, and the 2nd quest to Italy. You see, the first time I went to Italy, (this is my second, though I am oh, so worldly), was when I was 16.

We went through a Disney Adventures tour. Never heard of them? You might have if you have a sibling under the age of 9. It was enough that it was a tour, which the Jones family is NOT fan of, but it was a Disney tour. While I envisioned my trip to be similar to that of the Lizzie McGuire movie, it was far from it.

Instead of being on a vespa zipping through Rome with Paulo, I ended up on a tour bus, listening to the children and their parents hum tunes from scenes of “The Little Mermaid” as we passed through the sunflowers of Tuscany.

There is only one word for this trip:


Florence Train station 2006. Having a ball. Such the diva.