Mini Gig

Note: This was from a few days ago…

I have decided to be adventurous. Last night at the restaurant Za Za, Channing and I decided to order a platter of cheeses, meats, and the daring pâté. I was nervous about tasting the house pâté, but then decided to change my mentality to ‘i’m in Italy. It is only necessary to try new food.’

After Channing realized she was not a fan of the liver, I decided to finish the rest of the dish. We tried to stray away from the bread, olive oil, balsamic, and the plate that were first given to us. As we have learned, it is just not Italian to have bread with balsamic and oil. Unfortunately, our hunger took over and we succumbed to our American ways.

After we ended our meal, we decided to take a stroll through Florence. Piazza Della Signoria turned into a concert hall as soon as the sun went down. I have put it on my to do list, to sit and listen to the music in the square…with gelato in hand of course. We walked past Santa Croce on our way home, and thanks to my friend Rick Steves, realized who was buried there: Michelangelo and Galileo to name a few. As I sat with my Vivoli, looking at Santa Croce, I wondered how many people had walked over the square. I find that when I go to these historic sights, I want to know who was there, what they were doing there, and what was its purpose before it was a tourist attraction….