I don’t do math… or grammar

I don’t do math, science, puzzles, or grammar.

Since being home for the past 8 hours, my mom has corrected me on my blog saying that ‘resulted’ just doesn’t work for what I was trying to say. That’s embarrassing.

I also found out my Dad went to jail for 10 days (allegedly) back in the day. I’m talking way back.

We got on the topic because I went to jail this morning.

Simmer down, it was for my class. We toured the jail, and while long (two and a half hours) it was interesting. It made me not want to commit crime. Not that I would anyway…

I noticed that it was very burr in the jail. Like super burr. So to break the ice, (get it?) I asked if they gave the inmates sweaters. The guide said no.


U of A takes USC

The sorority posse arrives tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement. I don’t know how this year will top 2009. Kelsey Mulflur won’t be setting off alarms and stealing everyone’s flat irons during the night. Such a shame.