Wreck City

So this new country bar opened right next to Maloney’s called the Wreck.

Holy hell.

Too much fun

It is Coyote Ugly. I thought Cactus Moon was country but no this place is hard core. You can dance on the bar…. This may be a bold statement but i’m pretty sure no one from Southern California listens to country music.

We had the 11 year formal this weekend for the sorority and if that wasn’t enough the next day we woke up for a pool party. woof.

11 year formal
11 year formal

We started at Bob Dob’s and grabbed my all time fave food: Hot dogs.

some fools
some fools

Hot dogs, beer, and a place to sit what could be better?

Continued to the pool party- goodnight.


We came home and I feel asleep from 4-9.

I thought about ordering a pizza and calling it a night, but the country bar was calling so I put on my two sizes too big cowboy boots and went.

? huh?


I was flat on the floor.