It’s senior week here at the U of A.

Emotions are running high.

People who normally show no emotion including my roommate Sarah Haley,

are breaking down at the most inconvenient times.

I had my breakdown driving home from the Tucson Mall after I purchased

make-up at Sephora.

I nearly ran into the Neon cactus sign on Grant and Oracle because

of my sobs.

Here is what I am sad about:

This school has changed so much.

The selling point was how FUN U of A was and how “happy” all the kids looked while walking around campus.

I don’t mean to be negative but me and everyone that arrived to the desert in August of 2008 experienced

a different lifestyle.

There were no rules.

When my friends came to visit they said, “this is the kind of school you go to have a good time.”

Gone, are the days at Fraternity houses and the constant combustion of people on the row.

I guess what prompted my sadness was a “100 best party school list” from some weird website.

It may sound silly, but I was actually infuriated that not only were we not on the list, but of all the schools in AMERIKA, ASU was.


I live the life aT 22-years-old, but I always wonder about lyfe at UA underage.

There is no such thing as a house party since no one wants to pay the red tag fine, deal with the cops, and risk association with their organization (if you know what I mean).

I just hope that the grades below me are still having a blast, because I can honestly say these past 4 years have been the best years of my life.

I’m sad  to go but I just hope that U of A will experience a sort of re-birth to the days of 1st semester 2008 because those were

the glory days.