Chi City 1

Here is what I love about Chicago.

The people are SO nice.

You go into a store, and people genuinely want to help you.

I got off the plane and was happy as a clam.


Because there was no humidity.

My mom had to work as soon as we got to the Chi, so I set off on Michigan Avenue with my Luxe guide.

I stopped at Goddess and the Grocer for a quick lunch.. ALONE.

Once again, very relaxing.

Made my way over to More Cupcakes. They were good, but they were no Sprinkles.

I stopped by T-burch, and mosied back to Michigan Avenue, where I enjoyed my cupcakes in a lovely courtyard across from the John Hancock Building.

I was over shopping, but decided to stop into Top Shop.

I did not have the best experience in New York, because there was no air conditioning and it was SO CROWDED.

I was in heaven. I walked in and grabbed about 10 items when one of the sales people escorted me to

Personal Shopping.


I have no idea.

This was the oasis of top shop.

I was taken to a separate section with big dressing rooms, free cupcakes, free soda and water, and best of

all blasting air conditioning.

It was heaven.

Pure bliss.

My mom and I had dinner at Chicago cut which was a fab restaurant on the river.

Chicago Cut, a great restaurant on the river.
Chicago Cut, a great restaurant on the river.

Later I met up with queen of Leroy, IL: Lexi Sutter.

We stopped by a couple bars including Paris Club.

Lexi had heard of it because of Guiles and Bill.

Here’s another big difference between Los Angeles and Chicago.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if a club or bar is over capacity, its actually over capacity.

The night ended with Lexi and I chowing down on leftovers from Chicago Cut.

Nom, nom, nom.