Like a brick wall

My moment happened the morning of August 5 after I picked up my usual Starbs.

August 6 is usually when I drive back to Tucson.

It’s not like some cliche recruitment song started playing on the radio, but something set me off.

Thank baby jesus I lost my normal mascara in Vegas and only had waterproof on, or else I would have looked like Tara Reid after a bender.

I am writing this, because I feel that many others are going through PTGD

(Post Traumatic Graduation Disorder).

I realized how much I miss driving back to Tucson.

I miss hating the heat, and cursing the desert while walking to the bookstore.

I miss having every single one of my friends live in a 2-mile radius from me.

I miss being hungover and driving to Chick-Fil-A.

I still haven’t let go of the fact, that were not all going to be sitting on the couches that first and confusing day of school.

What to do?

I guess just look back to the past and reflect on the best four years of my life and be positive about the next chapter.

As scary and uncertain as it is, I feel like every single one of us is ready.

Campbell, I miss you.
Campbell, I miss you.
Grimaldi's, I miss you
Grimaldi’s, I miss you

Well maybe not all of us, but  all we can do is move forward.

Until Homecoming that is…