Downtown, Dylan’s, and D-Day

My morning was the definition of struggles, but luckily the day ended on a sweet note.

Friday night I worked at an event downtown and decided to try out the nightlife.


The only thing that worked out was my guacamole from Mas Malo.

Cammie and I peaced out from the Standard Rooftop Bar and mosied back to Hollywood.

We attempted to make up our weird evening by drinking too many vodka tonics too quickly.



I was late to ALL of my appointments the next day, and was in the worst mood.

I was growling at people in Starbucks.

On top of my hangover from hell, I had to work at an event.

My mentality
My mentality

I can’t complain since it was at Dylan’s Candy Bar, but I was really struggling.

I attempted to cure my problem with a Wine and Cheese sandwich but was still no bueno.

Dylan’s Candy Bar was poppin.

I walked in and was given a bag that had a little sandal tin to fill with any candy from the store FOR FREE.

It's fo free
It’s fo free

I ended up with a bag full of candy, rubbing elbows with Janet Jackson, and a new purchase from an AMAZING store on Melrose.

5 days until Europe.