Don’t feed the models

I thought today was going to be productive.

I woke up early, worked on Giggles in the lobby, then dropped off my way too stretched out pants/laundry at the front desk.

I woke up Cammie, and that’s when everything started to go wrong.

She was struggling and it became contagious because then I started struggling.

Long story short, I started dry heaving to Adele.

We walked to a restaurant where we both inhaled everything placed in front of us and ordered more wine because I have an addiction to alcohol.

I then knocked over the water glass, espresso shot, and lost the check on the patio.

We realized that the word ‘fetish’ was stamped on our hand from our club rendezvous last night.

Tonight is our quince because we are going to a popular bar/club here in Mi-lawn and I have absolutely nothing to wear in my 80 pound suitcase.

Did I mention Amy Winehouse’s song Rehab is playing in the background.

So poetic.