“eating for fun, not fuel.”

Why is everybody so perfect here?

Everyone is tan and beautiful and too stylish for me to handle.

The duomo
The duomo

Cammie and I searched for outlets in attempt to be as chic as everyone with their prada bags.

We went to three outlets but found nothing.

I have literally walked all over Milan.

I have a blister on my pinky toe that resembles a clear balloon.

For lunch, we went to this amazing Panini place called Panzerotti Luini.

The amazing sandwich

The line, also known as the que here, was miles long but we were famished.

The “Panini” had a doughnut like consistency but was filled with hot tomato and mozzarella.

Pure heaven.

We went to Ciocaccolato Italiani for Gelato.

I by accident got three flavors.

It’s the end of fashion week so of course we had the 6 foot glamazons standing behind us.

Me attempting to be chic
Me attempting to be chic

I can’t tell if I am gaining weight because at this point all my pants are stretched out.


Tonight is our first night out in Mi-lawn.

Heaven help us all.