We are on our train from Milan to Firenze!

Everyone is very hungover and I’m pretty sure that while lugging my 80 pound suitcase I might have pulled something in my back.

Reeny just threw up and it ain’t nothing but a thang.

I look like I got run over by a vespa and am wondering when we will ever get food. I might start gnawing on my iphone 3g.

I am really excited to be going back to Florence for a number of different reasons.

The main one is that the weather will not be 1000 degrees and instead a mild 75.

What a concept.

update: this was prime bag under eye look
update: this was prime bag under eye look

On my last night in Firenze, I remember thinking, “if I ever came back to Florence I would run shiz.”

And that is what’s going to happen.

Boom Baby