Roaming in Rome

We nearly missed our train from Florence to Rome, but our mentality was, “If we miss our train, we miss our train,” and we would

have to stay in Florence another night.

So Liam.

As we were getting on the train, Cammie and I once again got assaulted by Gypsies.

Cammie had a pleasant experience with the first Gypsy she ran into, because she was able to help Cammie purchase her train ticket.

As we were getting on the train, these two young gypsies saw Colossus and carried him on.

I gave them 2 euro.

Not enough.

One of the gypsies followed Cammie all the way to her seat.

I was so over having people steal things that I literally gave them 10 Euro.

But it was not enough, they began to hassle us and we thought they were going to stay on the train until we got to Rome.

So Scury.

After taking a Tiger snooze, I woke up feeling fab.

Reeny's bad gelato
Reeny’s bad gelato

Until Colossus ran over my foot.

We went to this fab restaurant called Macaroni and walked to the Trevi fountain.

Irina and Cammie didn’t know that when you toss the coin, you throw it with your back turned into the fountain.

They obviously haven’t seen the Lizzie Mcguire movie or anyone’s study abroad photos for that matter.

Instead, they chucked it into the fountain like a yo-yo.


Trevi. Too bad Paolo wasn't there. This is not what dreams are made of.
Trevi. Too bad Paolo wasn’t there. This is not what dreams are made of.

We had a calm and casual evening in Trastavere at a place where they make fab mojitos called Freni E Frizioni.

The next morning everyone woke up feeling like shit.

It was the first time that we had air conditioning and everyone had a sore throat.

Reeny at Freni E Frizioni
Reeny at Freni E Frizioni

We nibbled on croissants, visited Campo Di Fiore, ate at Baffetto’s pizza, and ended our day at a shopping area called Gusti (very chic).

We thought we would be very posh and start our night at the Exedra rooftop bar for classic roman appertivo.

Too bad it was closed, so we went next door to our hotel to this scury rooftop bar at Hotel Diana.

It was a full moon. Enough said.
It was a full moon. Enough said.


“i’m on a roof in Rome with wine and cheese. Life is not bad,” is what I kept thinking to myself.

We of course spent our evening eating at Hostaria Del Moro (the best penne vodka you will ever have) and ended it drinking at DJ bar.

The Best
The Best
Haters gonna hate, playas gonna play
Haters gonna hate, playas gonna play

Ciao Roma.

Back to reality.

Gun Emoji.