Desert Problems

Homecoming 2012:

So many mistakes, in so little time.

I truly believe there is something in the desert air which transforms normal and rational people,

into wild and belligerent desert bunnies.

Holy H-E-L-L.

MK & A
MK & A

I thought it was the heat that made everyone a little cuckoo,

but obviously not with the perfect 65 degree weather we were blessed with.

For some reason, when I got on my Southwest flight, I expected it to be full of UA wild kitties, and envisioned that at some point in the flight we would all sing bear down.

This didn’t happen.

What did happen, was me having one too many vodka tonics and Southwest losing my bag


I’m in the desert with only the clothes on my back to last me for the next 3 days.

To ease the pain, we mosied to Frog’s and I of course had another too many VT’s which then landed me in No Anchovies.

Long story short, Sara Morvay found me and former president Lexi roaming around the desert with an enormous No Anchovies pizza box.

Since we had no room key, We at the pizza on the side of the road….

Outside the Az Inn.

It's not me

Somehow the pizza got on my maroon pants so I was going to be stuck wearing stained pants at Dirtbags.

I prayed to the Southwest suitcase gods, and then received a call my suitcase had been delivered.


And then we went to Dirtbags,

Good night America.

Somehow we made it to University the next day before the game started.

I always get harassed about my ID because I look like a 15-year-old boy with brown dreadlocks and a unibrow.

You know it’s a problem when you get stopped at airports.

I hand the bouncer my ID, he looks at me, then the ID, then back at me.

 “How did this, become this,” and looks at me.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment,” and took my ID  and went upstairs.

Back at Ben's
Back at Ben’s

So many mistakes, so little time.

The next morning, I’ve never seen everyone struggling so hard at one time.

Strugglefest ’09.

I made the mistake of booking my flight at 1:55.

The cab didn’t pick me up, so I had my loyal and wonderful friend Sarah drive me to the airport.

Reflecting by the pool
Reflecting by the pool

I barely made my flight and was praying I would not see anyone in the airport since I actually looked like roadkill.

Struggling to the fifth
Struggling to the fifth

Of course some chatty Cathy decided to start up a generic conversation with me as we waited in line at security.

At one point she asked me, “Do you have kids?”

I looked at her incredulously like, “WTF?”

But then I realized, with the amount of alcohol I consumed this weekend my looks must have aged.


PS. Got such good feedback on giggles.

Thank you for the love.