You’re never too old for Disneyland…

This may or may not be true, since i’m pretty sure I have whiplash from the Matterhorn.

The last time I visited Disneyland, I swore to myself I would not return until I had children.


It was too hot, and I got knocked by one too many strollers back in the summer of 2010.

The high school poss and I decided to indulge in some winter Disney cheer and make the trip to Anaheim.

The first stop was to California Adventure, which I call California Land.

I fear elevators since I got stuck in one at the Beverly Center during Christmas time no less, and was afraid it was going to drop.

Of course the first ride we go on was Tower of Terror.

You can see how much fun I had.


As we were waiting in line for the roller coaster, I saw a man holding what looked like beer.

I discovered that they now serve alcohol at California Adventure.

Sweet jesus.

We made a beeline to the Bayside Brews and grabbed some Blue Moons.

The staff knew our names by the time we left
The staff knew our names by the time we left

For some reason Disneyland and California Land didn’t seem as crowded, the lines weren’t as long, and the screaming children weren’t as loud.

I am very competitive.

I didn’t play competitive sports, even though despite what many say I AM ATHLETIC and have a very competitive attitude.

I love playing carnival games.

It’s never about the prize, it’s just about winning.

I defeated all of my friends, 2 parents, and 2 children under the age of 7 in a game and won the big cahuna prize:

The horse from Toy Story-Bullseye.


We decided to keep it and  make it  it our mascot.

That is until we were on the train.


Pizza Port Pasta. Forget Space Mountain, this is the best part of Tomorrow Land
Pizza Port Pasta. Forget Space Mountain, this is the best part of Tomorrow Land

We sat on the train with the horse between me and Lauren. As we waited for the next group to get on, this adorable little boy who must have been around the age of 5 sees the horse.

“Bullseye,” he says to his dad. It was so precious.

Lauren held up the horse and he stared in amazement and happiness.

He reached his arm out though we were 10-feet away and on the train.

He was wearing a Buzz Light year shirt and was so happy just to be looking at the horse, that it was meant to be that we would give it to him.


I threw him the horse and you would have thought I gave him something so valuable and precious.

He hugged it and was cuddling the horse and it literally warmed my heart.

The best Disney Memory i’ve had so far.

We of course went back to California Land, and discovered the “Mad Tea Party,” which is like the Adult Land of the park.


I highly recommend it.

We ended the night with World of Color, which is so life changing I can’t even handle it, and a Mickey Pretzel.