I knew from the moment I was at baggage claim I was going to experience culture shock.

Southern accents.

Oh my gaw.


The Y’alls. The pearls. The polos. The monograms.


The unfriendly person who drove us to our hotel decided to tell us how he didn’t like Dallas.

 He was the only wet blanket I encountered because the people in Dallas are so kind and polite, I almost thought it was an act.

Thriller outside of Pi Phi at SMU?
Thriller at SMU?

But it’s not. Everyone is genuinely nice, minus that scary man.

We stayed at the ZAZA which is the most eclectic hotel I think i’ve ever stayed in.

Every room has a different theme….

Nutter Butters and Iced Tea were served at 4 PM... ?
Nutter Butters and Iced Tea were served at 4 PM… ?

“I would put you guys in the shagadelic room but i’ll put you in the Zen room because there’s more light,” said the perfect hotel receptionist.


I looked like hell since one, I had been crying from JP and Ashley’s wedding and was puff daddy to the fifth, and two, our flight was at 7 so I had to wake up at 5.

No bueno.

I decided to visit the Dry Bar on Oak Lawn and had the hotel car pick me up.

You could only imagine my reaction when I saw this pull into the shopping mall.

I died.
I died.

My fellow alcoholic friend Griggs, met up with me and we hit the bar as soon as she arrived to ZAZA.


We ran into my mom and her client, who pointed out how it was a good thing water was on the table.


Griggs and #lcjonestx
Griggs and #lcjonestx

It was such a fab trip that even though I had to wait 3 hours in the airport, I enjoyed some chardonnay and sat next to someone named Ben Christmas.