NYC pt. deux

I have no excuse for being so lazy and not writing about my fab trip to NYC.

I will say, that I continued to go out after I came back, and because of that I am now sick.

I do this to myself.


When I pulled up to Jen’s apartment, I felt like I was in an episode of HBO’s, Girls.

The view from Jen's balcony also known as a fire escape
The view from Jen’s balcony, also known as a fire escape.
Jen's apartment
Jen’s apartment

Differences between NYC and LA- There’s no comparing these two fab cities but here are my observations:

1. There are no cars– Everyone gets around on foot (my favorite) or takes cabs (really my favorite).

Rain or shine, skinny hazelnut latte all the time.
Rain or shine, iced skinny hazelnut latte all the time.

2. There are young people everywhere– We went into a liquor store and it’s totally normal (not creepy) to chat with someone about where you’re from and why you’re visiting.

3. It’s freezing– Remember when I said loved the cold? I lied. It was actually so cold on some of the days that I wanted to curl up into a ball and curse the world.


4. Everything is close together– U of A felt more spread out than New York did. Every restaurant, bar, and hotel is packed together.

Box 1
Box 1
Box 2
Box 2

5. Magical– not to sound stupid, but NYC actually is magical. You know in movies, when people randomly meet at a coffee shop, and the they have this incredible moment? Like, that can totally happen in NYC. LA is where these alleged moments are written, NYC is where they actually happen.

View from the top of Rockefeller Center
View from the top of Rockefeller Center

6. Ivy league– Somebody told me they went to Princeton and I laughed. No, this is the norm. It felt like everyone I met either went to some school in Pennsylvania or they went to mythical ivy leagues. Mythical, because I would never go to one.

*I tried to tell someone I recently graduated from Yale and majored in engineering.

Before I finished my sentence, I started laughing at myself, then they did not believe me, making me a weirdo, thus them not buying me a drink.


NYE ready
NYE ready

7. Finance– All the guys work in finance. Math and numbers, my favorite things.

8. Celebrities are not hunted– Well at least when we saw Katie Holmes and Suri there was no one harassing them. The only paparazzi there was me, myself, and my stupid iPhone that had the flash on…Whoops.

Katie and Suri
Katie and Suri

9. Wardrobe– To wear any other color than black is preposterous.


10. Alcohol– everyone drinks all the time. It’s not like here in LA when you go to work and come home to a Lean Cuisine and an episode of  The Bachelor. In NYC you are able to move around and walk down the street to find friends at a neighborhood bar.

J-qwan and I at Fig & Olive
J-qwan and I at Fig & Olive

Such a success.

Thank you New York, Jen Gummere, John Casey, and of course #SeanKelly for showing me such a great time!

The best cheeseburger i've ever had. I could eat 3 and be ok with myself

The best cheeseburger i’ve ever had. I could eat three and be ok with myself