Sample Sale Games

Coachella is upon us.

This is my first time going.

I would like to say something real quick.

To all those people who are just so fed up with people posting about Coachella, you can suck it.


Do any of us ever complain about Spring Break trips to Cabo?

Or how about Stagecoach?


So let people like me have my fun and be excited about going.


Stone Cold Fox had a sample sale aimed for people who needed to buy last minute Coachella Clothes.

Holy Hipster.

Cammie, Carms, and I arrived an hour and 20 minutes early to get a good spot in line.


As we were coming up the metal elevator, I noticed I still had a wristband on from Vegas.

I had tried to pull it off all yesterday, so this time when I pulled it off I assumed it wouldn’t budge.


With two hispters in the elevator, I pulled at the wristband making it come off and then I dropped my iced coffee all over the elevator.

They were so disturbed. WTFE.

To those that attended the sale, yes, I was the one who dropped the iced coffee in the elevator.

Cammie, Carms, and I were the 12-15th people in line.

Carms was so over waiting.
Carms was so over waiting.

After a late start, they let the first 15 people in.

We get in and all of a sudden they let another 30 people in.

Girls were grabbing, tangling the hangers, throwing clothes over their back to move on to the next rack.

It literally started to look like the Hunger Games when the tributes need to grab supplies in the first minute.

Sample Sale Games

I ended up getting six pieces so the sale was fabulous.

Sycamore Kitchen
Sycamore Kitchen