Stomping Grounds

Honestly my life has been such a lie this week I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ll start with my coincidental run in with Phoenix.

Irina mentioned something about going to a talk show so I recommended we go to Jimmy Kimmel.


It’s my old stomping grounds so I said, “Sure.”

My friend Jason got us passes to the green room and told us there would be a musical performance.



Sweet child of mine.

The face for cat obesity....
The face for cat obesity….

2 Chainz, The XX, and Phoenix were definitely life altering moments at Coachella.

We arrived to check in, and of course I dropped the fact that I used to intern there.

Guess what?

Nobody cared.

Whatever, the bartender in the green room seemed a little interested but maybe because he wanted a tip.


Showtime happened and I was expecting it would be the same Coachella deal minus a few things but still that people would be vibing? I guess.

Not quite.

Reeny and I were the only ones going cuckoo and I nearly got escorted out because I was taking a photo/video.


Right before they threatened to escort me out.
Right before they threatened to escort me out.

Next stop, the Churchill.

I had about 4 moscow mules too many and had a dream about an apocalypse and then everyone became amish.