Sick from San Fran

I’m writing this from my death bed.

Ok, i’m being dramatic but I am seriously suffering.

San Francisco, you did not disappoint.

I feel like I got there in less than a second, special thanks to my favorite airline, Virgin America.

The best.
The best.

The screaming baby sitting directly behind me, was drowned out by my chardonnay that I could access oh so easily on my touch screen at my seat. If anyone has not flown Virgin America, do it!

Met up with the sorority posse and ventured to Chestnut St. to go to Delarosa for dinner.

Best/ deadliest moscow mule i’ve ever had.

Next, we hobbled over to the bar Lightning which was the size of narrow hall closet, but still enjoyable.

I say hobbled because my new Zara strap sandals got seriously damaged after going up and down the SF hills also known as Everest/Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We somehow all rallied to go to the Giants Game.

Going to a Giants Game is different than any other sporting event I have ever been to.

I can see why everyone who lives in the bay area is a die hard Giants fan.


The stadium is amazing. The crowd is not real life.

What was also not real life was our scary cab driver we got outside of AT & T park.


We were desperate for a cab, so when this painted cab turned the corner we ran in.

He told us how he had lived in a foreign country and how the music we were listening to was him, then he gave us 10 CD’s.

The photo speaks for itself.

Our talented cab driver
Our talented cab driver

Somehow we managed to go out to Brixton, then to my least favorite bar, Bar None.

Last time I was there me and my friends got our iPhone’s stolen on the same night.

I had a much better experience because there was a hot dog stand right outside.IMG_3996

Sunday I woke up feeling like death. It felt like a large golf ball was stuck in my throat. We roamed around SF and had a golden retriever named jagger stomp all over our half eaten sandwiches.

We packed the cars and crossed the Golden Gate bridge to get to Marin.

My friend Kimmy just got back to California after a year in Australia.


The party was fab with all different kinds of food and of course vegemite which remained untouched throughout the party.

Even though I am so sick, SF was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back!


Special thanks to Brooke, Olivia, and Jessica, Kimmy K and family for throwing a great party, and Kelsey Mulflur and Dana T. for providing entertainment all weekend long.