Holy hell.

This weekend was nuts.

I feel like I packed in what I would do in a three week span into 72 hours.

Friday, we went to Laurel Hardware for din, mosied to the Hudson for a way-too-sweet mule, then gallivanted to the Phoenix where I was once again disappointed.


It doesn’t do anything for me, except that the game Connect Four is on all the tables.

 Irina and I soon discovered we are the champions of this game.

Eventually on Saturday I made it to a nail salon, where I met a yorkee named Bacon who made out with his owner for a little too long.


Next, Cammie and I drove down to Newport Beach to celebrate our friend Natasha’s birthday.


I survived, but the others were not so lucky.


Cams and I cured our headaches with Chronic Taco and drove back to LA.

Then I nearly blacked out/had a panic attack/fainted, as I was surprised with tickets to go see The XX at the Hollywood Bowl.

So overwhelmed.

Sushi picnic

Sushi picnic

It was so incredible and I need to find a way to go to the Hollywood Bowl at least once a month.

Literally dying
Best surprise ever
Best surprise ever