I am broke, and I am poor.

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Match took away my paycheck and then some.

I don’t even want to look at my bank statement.


Woof to the fifth.

Besides draining my funds, the polo match was quite enjoyable. Even though I did not watch it at all, the event was a wonderful place to sit on grass, sip champagne, and people watch.


For once in my life, I was early to an event…. and it paid off.

We were able to get on the buses without any problems and snagged a prime umbrella on the grass.

I heard other people were not so lucky and were stuck waiting for the bus for around an hour in the blazing hot 90 degree sun.


After we found our spot, we each got a glass, then decided to get a bottle, which i’m pretty sure clouded mine and Cammie’s judgement to purchase another bottle for just the two of us.


In my head, we deserved it since we were the only people wearing heels. We believed that since we had such experience walking in heels in the desert terrain that walking in grass would be no problem.

Our umbrella
Our umbrella


Standing up in the grass in heels, after a few glasses of champagne didn’t go over so well but we made it through.  It was a great event, and even though I am a peasant at this point, it was worth it.

Sweating in style
Sweating in style