Happy Thanksgiv

Thanksgiving has become  one of my favorite holidays.

This is because it is a day that revolves around food, drinking, family, friends, drinking, and taking the time to be thankful for what you have.

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I am thankful for a number of different people/things in my life.

I am especially thankful for UPS.

My spoiled dog Bailey
My spoiled dog Bailey

Besides serving as the scribe at family holiday’s, my contribution this year was to get cocktail napkins.

I pre-ordered napkins weeks in advance from Paper Source that said, “Happy Thanksgiv.”

We say Happy Thanksgiv in my household not because we are an abbreviating family, but because we don’t have enough holiday blocks to spell out Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thus, the saying ‘Happy Thanksgiv’ was born.

Paper Source thought I was illiterate, and called to ask if I misspelled my first line of text and or wanted to add a second line of text.

I did not explain the symbolism of the saying, but did note the importance of the napkins for the holiday.

 A week later, I tracked the package and discovered my napkins would not arrive until the day after Thanksgiving.

Me without a spray tan
Me without a spray tan

Oh the humanity!

After a ridiculous argument with customer service, I came to the point of acceptance that my customized napkins would not arrive before Thanksgiv.

I ate BOTH rolls.

I even went to Paper Source the day before Thanksgiving hoping  I would be able to find some type of similar napkin to ease my sadness and loss.

I came home after my failed shopping experience and poured myself a large glass of red wine when the doorbell rang.

The turkey gods spared me from this tragedy and delivered my napkins on Wednesday evening.

I nearly smothered the UPS delivery man.

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Besides the stuffing, my napkins were the star of Thanksgiv.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.



My contribution to Thanksgiv… The glorious napkins
My contribution to Thanksgiv… The glorious napkins