Hot Dogs and Juan Pablo

Too many fabulous moments happened last night.

I ate a hot dog, got to snuggle with the latin Bachelor, and made my small screen debut.


Let’s all forget about the reality show I did back in 2003.#Bunnicula #Braces #StyleNetwork

My mom’s friend offered us his seats for the Clippers vs. Heat game last night.

Little did I know I would be sitting on the court.


Holy hell.

My mom didn’t realize watching a basketball game at the venue is very different than watching it at home so she continued to scream and clap every time the Clippers scored.

I can’t take her anywhere.


Casually sitting in front of us was Pam Anderson looking like a chic 50’s Barbie Doll and Eric Stonestreet being so

un-Cam like watching the game with such masculinity and focus.

Me and Pam
Me and Pam

At one point in the night/three chardonnay’s later I realized I was standing next to Jason Sudeikeis and Olivia Wilde and in front of Bill Hader.

Me, Pam, and my hot dog
Me, Pam, and my hot dog

I was tempted to ask him to re-enact The Californians but then channeled Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect and thought, “mmmm, better not.”

As we were leaving with sadness and sorrow after the Clipper’s defeat, I saw in the shadows a familiar face.

“JUAN PABLO!!!!” I screamed.

I accepted the final rose
I accepted the final rose

So not basketball chic/etiquette.

He was such a gem and even more attractive in person with his super-european cross body bag.

I told him I hope he found his wife even though I obviously don’t because we are meant to be.


Photo courtesy of Blake Olson
Photo courtesy of Blake Olson. So stump daddy but WTFE.