Country Cabo

I had my concerns about returning to Cabo.


I feared the destruction from Hurricane Odile would depress me since I have visited Cabo all of my life. Literally, I went when I was nine weeks old.



Cabo was still standing!

After over-eating and many hours of much needed sleep, I headed to the pool to relax and listen to the waves crash on the sand with a marg in hand.

What I heard was not the waves.

Country Cabo.

What the hell.


Country music, cowboy hats, and beer cans floating in the pool- This was not how I envisioned the start of my five-day vacation.

Glaring at the WT

Thank god, I discovered Serial and was able to drown out these crazy hillbillies.


I took off my headphones for a few minutes to inhale a quesadilla, when one of the members of the Cabo Country crew came out of the water and said to me,

“Don’t you think it’s funny how no one is getting out of the pool to use the bathroom.”


No, I do not think that’s funny.

Jesus Christo.


After a night of pretending we were back on Spring Break 09′, we hopped in a van to go to Mango Deck and to pretend, once again we were back in college.

No Mas Jello Shots!
No Mas Jello Shots!

Imagine an MTV spring break show.

Then remember how your concerned parents would always make you change the channel or turn off MTV?


Well, a few kids were able to experience this spring break re-enactment live.

A mother and her two kids, probably around eight and eleven-years-old were sitting in front and center for the lap dance contest.

The mom sipped some sort of white wine and clapped during the contests, while her two kids were confused by what they were watching.

So disturbing and sad.


While I did not participate in the contests, I did enjoy the 2 for 1 drinks, the scary henna tattoos, and a large quesadilla.

The Mango Deck Facebook page tells a very different story.

Ugh. The caption.

I can’t.