Tucson Take-Over

I visit the U of A once a year for a reason…

This weekend, Tucson invaded Los Angeles.


I had a very “LA” weekend planned for my friend/fellow Wildcat Jessica, but it was hijacked when we made it to the Elite 8.


I may seem mad, but it’s because all my planned classic LA activities were bundled with the Arizona lifestyle.

Trips to Sugarfish were paired with fireball shots.

Zero to 100.

I am not going to go into details, but I will say the weekend came full circle.


We started with margs at Mercado, and ended with margs on the sand.



To continue the Tucson/Mexico theme, we decided to visit my favorite food establishment after our evening at the room.

Apparently Taco Bell closes at 2AM?

We are definitely not in Tucson any more…

The Taco Bell employee said he would make our food if we “gave him a tip.”

The cost of our late night Live Mas meal:  $40.


Without the tip…

Thank god it wasn’t on my card. For privacy purposes, I will keep this name on anonymous.

Our Uber sped out of there because we had somewhere to be.

The next morning, my nice Ikea table looked like a battlefield and the crunchwrap was the casualty.

No one ate the Taco Bell.


I was so depressed that my favorite meal had gone to waste, I tried to salvage all of the mild packets.

#desperate #despair


We bopped to the beach to reflect and went to Yogurtland for dinner.

This was me Sunday afternoon.


I am writing this on Tuesday, because you can imagine my mental state on Sunday AND Monday.

Bear Down.