Giggles Goes to Harvard

If you watch “Intervention” (my occasional autobiography on Sundays), you know the scene: The subject is on the plane, heading to rehab and then there’s a sort of relief that comes over you?

That’s how I felt (minus the rehab portion) Thursday morning. I was heading to Boston for a wedding, and inconveniently got sick on Wednesday.
This is a real pain when you’re an adult (sub spongebob for excel). I was still not feeling 100% Thursday morning.
Since I needed an extra 10 minutes of sleep, I got a nice workout as I jogged through the Virgin terminal, but luckily made it on my flight just as we were boarding.

I ended up eating two cheese plates, and nearly had an emotional breakdown watching the memorial package for Paul Walker at the end of Furious 7.
Sniffly, I finally made it to Boston.

It’s always so comical to see giggles out of her natural Californian habitat.

Dallas was culture shock with the y’all’s, but in Boston, there are SO many customs that do not exist in Los Angeles.
1. Dunkin Donuts- this is not just a chain, it’s a way of life.

Straight out of "Trainwreck."
Post Wedding

2. The Accents- I was told to resist the temptation of imitating them, but I couldn’t. The number of times I asked someone to “pawk the cawr in hawvahd yawd.” Too much…
3. An insult is a pick up line. I had a b-loc tell me I had small boobs then ask for my
number. I’ll pass, dude.

The wedding was beautiful and filled with cheers, champagne, and Chardonnay.


Then, the Mary-Kate to my Ashley (jengum) came to Boston from NYC to recreate an Olsen twin movie with me, as we normally do for all the trips we go on together.


We subbed Neptune Oyster with Island Creek, and had a very under the sea lunch.
Next on our tour de Boston, was a trip to Cambridge to visit my Alma Mater, Harvard.
Alma Mater, since I told all of our Uber drivers I attended school there and studied bio engineering.

Lobsta roll
Lobsta roll

I don’t think this major exists…

They didn’t ask, but I managed to include this piece of information in every car conversation.
We spent the whole day in Cambridge catching up on lyfe, and decided to ask our bartender what the quintessential Harvard bar was.

What? Like it's hard?
What? Like it’s hard?

“The kids who go here don’t do a ton of drinking, so there isn’t a bar that everyone goes to.”

Jengum had a sudden emergency to attend to, and left Boston much earlier than expected.

I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade my knowledge of the city and jump on a tour.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately at this point), the only tour that was available at 8pm was a Ghost Tour.


Our tour whip
Our tour whip

It was such a sight … me following a Colonial woman with a lantern around Boston, learning about headstones and graveyards.

We went to two, by the way, and all of the guides were in character…
IMG_2859Truly comical.
The next day, I rewarded myself with a trip to Mike’s Bakery, and once again posed as a Boston local while I strolled Newbury St. 


Top 3 highlights of my trip
Top 3 highlights of my trip

Boston was WICKED fun and next time I visit, I will make sure to stay at our same hotel again (it used to be a prison, so all of the restaurants and bars are jail themed) and to, hopefully, visit Fenway Park.

Jail hotel. Totally.
Jail hotel. Totally.
They knew I was coming..
They knew I was coming..