Laters Baby

Thank god it’s not January anymore.

What a dark 30 days. Can we all take a moment and say Ciao to that horrible month? #deuces

Attempting to be crafty in 2017

Feb is the new Jan, and as the preacher of my church, Franz from Soul Cycle says,

“There is always a time to start over and change. Everything is temporary.”

Apparently, Jordan thinks my mood is also temporary after showing me this…


Thanks, J.

D-Day V-Day is here.

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Everyone take a deep breathe and brace for all of the social posts with flowers, experiences, and sentimental captions.


I am really going to make an effort to not let the facade of this hallmark holiday consume my emotions like it did last year.

Literally me before the our wine adventure last year

I let a cardboard box dictate my day, and it is not happening again.

Not that this box caused all of the below (except for one thing), but I do blame it for some of my actions this time last year.


  1. Jordan sent me flowers from the online service The Bouqs. They were orange, and they were dead. I cried.
  2. We stayed in a danish town, that resembled a broken Disneyland.
  3. I was over served in SY and woke up in not the bed on 2/15.

Let’s all chill, and not get carried away for the holiday, because the above could happen to you.

Expect nothing, get everything.


This is precisely what I did when I went to go see 50 Shades at the iPic on Sunday.

Perhaps it was my experience that deceived me from the quality of the film, with the smell of fresh and FREE popcorn greeting me as I entered, or the fact that someone brought champagne to my seat and I didn’t need to move for 2.5 hours (I sound like Corinne.. Code red!), but either way I really preferred the second film over the first.

Thanks @CarlaCarmack for the great idea!


Seeing the film on a Sunday @ 12:30pm, was the perfect afternoon delight, as I was a bit dehydrated from the day before of wine tasting with the gals @ Rosenthal on PCH.

Everyone took advantage of the break in El Nino round two, and enjoyed the sun and the 70 degree weather.

We ended the weekend celebrating v-day @ Son of a Gun with my parents, and I literally felt like Bey after tasting everything on the menu.

The lobsta roll from Son of A Gun. Small, but SENSATIONAL!

To be truly carefree and relaxed this holiday, perhaps I’ll wear my velour Juicy sweats to dinner, since that is literally the only thing that fits me right now.

Overeating, but not over served,

Happy Valentine’s Day.