Day One: The Departure

 I almost greeted the LAX employees with “Bonjour” and “Merci” after stepping out of the UBER at Tom Bradley because I could not contain my excitement that we were on our way to France.


I was definitely nervous and low key claustrophobic about boarding a double decker, but after stepping on the plane and being greeted with a high pitched “bonjour!” from the stewardess, my fears were alleviated.

IMG_4349 2

Another way Air France subdues its passengers, is by providing unlimited wine. However, no amount of wine could blur my vision into business class, as I watched champagne and hot towels being distributed.


It worked out in economy, as even though my seat did not recline, I found some rogue ham and cheese sandwiches near the bathroom that were the delicacy for the duchess of coach.


With rain hitting our window and a being little delusional/jet lagged (it was 2am LA time) we arrived at our AirBNB and I was hyperventilating.

IMG_3650 2

Remember when Carrie arrives with the Russian and opens the windows of her apartment?

I had this moment, and was flailing.

AirBNB is the way to go. Do not stay in a hotel in Paris.  Unless you’re Diddy. Then totally stay in a hotel.


Giggles needed a tiger snooze, and after two hours, we woke up to sunshine in Paris.


We saw the sights, got a crepe, and sashayed down the Champs.

Remember that I had researched every cafe, brasserie, and restaurant.

Do not do this in Paris. Wander. And you will find.


We discovered a restaurant down the street from our Airbnb, and ended up eating there two out of the four nights we were in Paris.


If you’re over by the Arc Di Triomphe, head here for the best French toast of your life at any time of day.


This is not touristy, and you’ll get the Parisian feels, and will be the only person speaking English.


Bon Apetit,