New lob, who dis?

New lob, new job, new me?

My hair started to return to its natural state, and I decided to follow the influence and

try Chiara’s colori$t.

I had never heard of Meche salon. I arrived with my long semi brown hair excited to return to my true blonde self.

The colorist walked over to my station, looked at my hair, and said:

“I need to tell you. This may hurt your feelings, but you have a mullet, and I can’t color it until we cut it. I have someone who’s amazing who can try to cut it if he has time, and then we can color the hair.”



First thing that went through my head, “I knew my layers looked like Britney Spears circa 2001, but I didn’t know they were that bad.”


Second thought.

“LOL to the bank checkin’ my account.”

“What are you doing for the rest of the day?”

 I guess I’ll be here to experience a transformation and watching my funds slip out of my  bank account.

5.5 hours, Shailene Woodley, Julia Louis Dreyfus and every other hollywood celeb later, my transformation was complete.


I left a peasant, but at least I was chic and poor.

The reactions from the lob were not pleasant…At first.


Boyfriend: “You cut all your hair off. Why?”

Carms: “It will grow back.”

My motto:

Me: new lob, who dis.