The Dress

The dress has consumed my Saturdays.

Every Saturday.

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They are now spent with me in full spray tan, smiling through a hangover with an arched back in front of a few friends and Carms.

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Send help.

I have not said yes to a dress yet, but I am pretty happy with my strategy for the hunt.

We hit all of the biggies first- Monique Lhuillier, Oscar De La Renta, and Carolina Herrera.

In my dream dress @ Monique

Had a lovely experience at all of them except I will say the lighting in Carolina Herrera is not flattering, and they need to pump up the AC at Oscar.

I would recommend going to all of the biggies first, followed by Saks, and then the boutique bridal salons.

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Flouncing @ Carolina

I was hesitant about trying out some of the smaller salons, concerned that the quality would not be up to par for Giggles, but surprisingly, I actually preferred the smaller boutiques to the mega fashion houses.

Princess @ Oscar

I was referred to Sarah Seven by my wizard wedding planner and had no expectations. Sarah Seven was the best surprise I’ve had throughout this entire wedding dress process, and will also hold a special place in my heart.

I had booked an epic schedule for the squad: Two of my bridesmaids, Carms, AND my Dad because he “wants to be involved in the process.”

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The Schedule 

  • Carolina @ 10am
  • BHLDN @ 11:30am
  • Lunch @ the Honor Bar
  • Followed by meeting my Dad with the rest of the squad at Sarah Seven @ 2:30pm

On the way to Carolina, I prepped my friends Cammie and Megan that my grandfather had gone into hospice, and that something could happen today, or it could not but to be prepared.

Everyone was in a good mood after a champagne fueled experience at Carolina, followed by a rapid fire try on session at BHLDN.

I had tried on my last dress at BHLDN when Carms stepped into the dressing room.

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“I just got the text. Dad is gone.”

Tears began to well up, as I stood in this cloth dressing room holding Carms, trying to be strong for her.

She said that she’d meet me downstairs.

I stepped out of the dressing room, a bit shocked, and saw the tears well up in both Cammie and Megan’s eyes.

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This was a really special moment for me, because the amount of empathy, compassion,  and support I felt from both of them, was so comforting and a blunt reminder of why we are best friends and why they are bridesmaids in my wedding. I excused them from atteding the rest of the appointments, and found Carms in a bundle of sobs on Beverly Drive.

I told her we didn’t need to continue and said we could 100% go home, but she refused and started walking over to the Honor Bar. Classic.

We sat in the far back dark booth, crying while drinking rosé and Bloody Mary’s remembering my grandpa. Phone calls and texts were flying at the booth, but Carms insisted on keeping the appointment at Sarah Seven. We headed back to Anthropologie  (Carms purchased like 18 candles) while I got on the phone and called the Sarah Seven boutique.

“Hello. My name is Lisa and I have an appt at 2:30pm. I am going to be late. My  Grandfather just passed away. My Mom is very fragile, but still wants to come. My Dad is going to meet us there. Do you have champagne?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to reschedule?”

I said no, and she responded with, “I will have Prosecco chilled and waiting for you and your family.”

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We pulled up to the shop which is randomly located on Beverly Blvd. and met Erika, the Assistant Store Manager.

Prosecco was poured and I headed back into a dressing room.

I didn’t go to a rack and pull, the dresses were just waiting.

I walked out, and said, “this is the one.”

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They seemed to agree

The next one I tried on, same thing- “This is the one.”

The BEST experience I’ve had at any of the salons, with the best lighting.

Whether I buy my dress there or not, I will forever be grateful to Erika and Sarah Seven for giving us a bit of joy, on such a dark day.

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If you are on the hunt for a dress, here’s my schedule that I would give to you along with lunch reccommendations:

Saturday Wedding Dress Shopping

  • Saturday 1: Oscar De La Renta, Monique Lhuillier- Lunch @ Fig and Olive
  • Saturday 2: Saks, Carolina Herrera- Lunch @ Avra, Sugarfish, or my all time fave Il Fornaio
  • Saturday 3: BHLDN, Sarah Seven- Lunch @ Honor Bar
  • Saturday 4: En Blanc, NWLA- Lunch @ Elephante or R+D
  • Saturday 5: The White Dress, Mon Amie- Lunch @ Malibu Farm Lido Village