We found the Ponte Vecchio!

Classes have begun. They are quite different than any of the classes I have taken at the U of A. I don’t typically taste 5 different cheeses or wander around and look at historic monuments. Monday, Chan and I decided to get lost before class and find a FABULOUS cafe.

No holding back.

We sipped cappucino’s and ate our croissants without any guilt at a place with orange umbrellas.

Outside of CEA building

We literally have NO time for italian shenanigans. We get up at 9:45/10 leave the house by 10:45, find a cafe, read for our classes, then get to CEA by 11:30 (classes begin at 12).

CEA Florence campus

In food and wine, we tasted three different cheeses and also wandered around florence with our sociology class.

Cheese tasting in Food and Wine

Nightlife here is like Cabo. Not in the way your thinking of. As in we don’t wear a ton of make up, there is ZERO curling of the hair, and we wear sandals. casual. Cut off shorts are NOT an option. In fact unthinkable. We have only gone to clubs which are wild, but I am trying to be more cultured. So hopefully I will find a bar…soon.

Scary. but describes the trip.

Channing’s contribution to giggles: Shopping at H&M, found our favorite new cheese, went out, tried a new cafe today, got baby Nutella’s and baby espresso to-go. Discovered a whole other side of florence which is what you think of when you go to italy.

View from the Ponte Vecchio

by the way the power just went out in our apartment. cool.