Recap of the week

Midterms are over with. You would think they wouldn’t be hard. But to our luck, they were.

Here’s the latest update on Chan’s and my life:

I don’t want to dwell on it, but Will and Kate. I was glued to LA times website as I watched them stroll through my neighborhood. The best part was my cousin, Katie, got to go to the event that I was supposed to attend, met Will and Kate, got complemented by Kate, and was then on the news. Attached is the link.

My cousin's photo of Will and Kate. fml.

This is my life.

I don’t particularly enjoy writing this style, but I have neglected Giggles so I am going to have to…


We visited a gelato spot and learned how to make gelato for our food and wine class. That same day visited the Salvatore Ferragamo museum for our SOC class.

Salvatore Ferregamo Museum

It was fabulous not just because of the shoes, but it also had air conditioning.

It may look pleasant, but it was 99 degrees in the gelato shop. fml


We went to an outside market, which was interesting, but it was so hot that I just ended up looking so scary.

Chan at the outdoor market also known as the inferno

That night we went to a bar called the Lion’s fountain and ran into a southern posse.

They roam in pacts.

Lion's fountain or as Chan calls it the Lion's Den

Then we went back to the sauna of the red garter where a few things occurred.

  1. My shoe broke. Literally dancing holding my ONE shoe. Who am I?
  2. My purse broke. Had to carry it as a clutch. DGAF
  3. My phone broke. Had no means of communication


Went to class and discovered a new shop that is right next door to my apartment that sells fresh prosciutto and AMAZING PASTA. There’s no hold back here in Italia.


Midterms… Enough said. To reward ourselves from the stress of the tests, we decided to go to the Spa called Soul Space. This place is hidden a block away from our house ,and is highly reviewed in my sacred chic travel book LUX FLORENCE. We got manicures and noticed in the guest book that the cast of the Jersey shore had indulged in some treatments while filming in Florence.

Our sanctuary

We then walked across the bridge to go to Osteria Santa Spirito, got a little tipsy after our wine and proseco then wandered to another AMAZING place: Volume. We are OBSESSED. We are favorites. We got there around 12:45, but it was still poppin. It’s a bar that only serves alcohol and crepes. I had to restrain Chan from a Nutella crepe because we still had other places to go. She was thankful later in the evening.

After two mojitos, (their specialty), we met up with people from our program down in the Santa Croce district AKA the area where all the teenagers, study abroaders, and Italian ragers go. We met up with a few people from our program and ended up at Kikuya…. Notorious for its dragoons…

The infamous Dragoon

The dragoons were a favorite for my borderline alcoholic friends Jessica, Kimmy, Ally, and Becca. (Sorry if I left out the BARCA people I don’t remember if you guys went there).

I don’t know what they are. Allegedly they are a beer with high alcohol content.

Result of half of a dragoon... scary.

Chan and I split one because 1. We had already been drinking heavily. 2. Our friend Joseph who lives in the guys apartment above us, had one before we got there. We got to see the dragoon take its full effect.

By 3:45 it was time to go home. We found a place a that sells quesadillas. Also known as crepes with cheese. Chan finally got to have her nutella crepe, and I my cheese, just as I tumbled in front of Santa Croce church. Damn you Jeffery Campbell!

Today as we crossed the Ponte Vecchio there was a breeze. I thanked god for this gift.

All in all, we woke up this morning feeling great, until we sat down at the famed Gusta Pizza. And then things got rough.

I have a massive bug bite on my neck, and massive one’s on my ankle.

Again, this is my life.

Tomorrow we are going to Cinque Terre. Stay tuned.

P.s. Not all the entries will be this long and obnoxious