Cinque Terre and the Mall

Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn. 6 AM.

We walked to the train station with our backpacks and tennis shoes ready to go. We drove for 2 hours on the bus then took a train over to Monterosso. It was incredible.

Cinque Tere

Chan and a few other peeps in our program decided to do one of the hikes,  but after a good 45 minutes of straight uphill in what looked like the amazon, we decided that the bar at the beach was calling our name.

Chan and Jessica

We laid out for a good 3 hours. We enjoyed the beach partially because of the easy access bar. S.O.S.

Too amazing

We made 4 trips for Mojitos. We then went up to a restaurant that overlooked the Mediterranean and enjoyed Chan’s semi favorite drink “spritze.” I am not a fan, but drank it anyways!

We trudged back to the train station reluctantly, and contemplated staying the night, but realized our reservation for our shuttle bus was at 9:30.

The Spritze

I wasn’t going to post this partially because it’s embarrassing, but as while we were walking home, a sweet and familiar aroma was appealing to us…M C D O N A L D S.

Since my phone does not work, I have been forced to have the ridiculous 2001 nokia phone. So horrible. When I text ,I feel like i’m back in 7th grade.

We made our way back to the lion’s den aka the lion’s fountain then met people from our homeland of California to be more specific UCSB. They were on a pub crawl with their college program so chan and I decided to jump on and join.

We discovered a new bar called Amadeus and became friends with the bartender. Chan and I have also discovered a bar that serves late night food. Chan got a her fave nutella crepe and I got way too spicy nachos.

Today we went to the mecca of outlet shopping.”The Mall”

The mecca of outlets

From Gucci, to Dior, to our new fave Prada the mall is sure to make any shopper’s day a fabulous one.

We grabbed cappuccino’s and began the day of outlets aka heaven.

new fave store