Lyfe and Lizzie McGuire

I have complained about having two classes: food and wine, and the SOC class, wishing I only had to take one.

Don’t get me wrong, both are so interesting especially the SOC class but it is a little hard to watch everyone leave after 2 hours and 15 minutes when we stay for 5 hours. But technically we stay there for 6 to read in morning.

Life could be worse. I spoke to my friend Carl, who is studying abroad in Spain, through U of A and he told me that his classes go from 9-5 monday through friday.

That is not my cup of tea. And the classes that he’s taking are Eller business classes. Again, not my cup of tea.

My two classes suddenly don’t seem so bad and neither do our hours….

I am still feeling a little under the weather, but that did not stop me from going back to Kikuya to get dragoons. Later, I got a falafel and Chan got some pizza, which we regretted this morning.

Iconic image. That skirt. I wanted it so bad, but could only find juicy pink terry cloth 😦

Rome is so close I can almost hear paolo from the lizzie mcguire movie calling my name. (my mom just mailed me the movie)… shameful yet so appropriate.

I most likely will be mistaken for an Italian pop star.

That movie was very influential for me during my youth and also provided me with an inaccurate depiction of Italy when I was 16.

I constantly refer to this, and I feel as if no one worshipped hilary duff as much as I did during her “so yesterday” days.

My future in Rome

And then there was my Italy…

Too hot in Orvieto. 2006
Fearing the gondola would tip over in Venice. 2006
Eating way too much...2006-2011

Also. my eating. I’ll save that for another day but as of now, I do not know if I can be a DCC for halloween.

I also have my blackberry again so everyone get what’s app.