Lisa, Lisa from Los Angeles

I have been ultimate strugs 11.

Last night Chan our new friends Jessica and Sarah, Clam chowder aka Amanda chodor, and a few other people from CEA all went to do a pub crawl in Florence. It was the pub crawl we tried to crash with the people from UCSB.

Luckily they didn’t recognize us…

Before the crawl of pubs, We had wine testing in our food and wine class, and discussed the Italian mafia in our SOC class. Very fun day. We then went to the top of the shopping center La Rinascente and had Bellini’s after class. It was fabulous. It overlooks all of Florence, and was perfect for a much needed drink after class.

Bellini's at Rinascente

For the crawl, we went to Astor and had unlimited sangria and beer as the first stop.

I drank the sangria too quickly. I have never had such a moment.  My conversation with an Australian was unforgettable.

Sarah and Jessica witnessed it.

Setting: Downstairs at Astor when Aussie and I introduce ourselves at the same time (awkward moment  number 1)

Awkward moment 2: he was wearing a green shirt with yoda on it.

He had already announced to our table that he was basically, travelling through Europe, and that he was from Australia

Apparently the sangria was drugged because when I went to introduce myself I said, “Hi I’m Lisa, Lisa from Los Angeles.

Who am I?

Other than that horrific moment the night was amazing and I am paying for it today.

Chan and I went to Café Giancosa aka the Cavali café. It may be one of my faves.

We visited Fiesole with our class. Even though Jess, Sarah, Chan, and I were recovering from S.O.S., we still had fun wandering the small town.

Exhausted, we went to Santo Spirito to a secret jewelry shop. I almost don’t want to mention it because I feel that it is meant to be hidden as silly as that sounds…

Secret jewelry shop

We went to Yellow Bar, which is a great place to go when you have a big group. I had spaghetti for the first time and it was memorable.

Tomorrow, we leave for Rome at 6 AM, meaning we are waking up at 4:45.