Roma is my Homa

Roma Recap

Day 1: Friday

We woke up at the crack of dawn: 4:45.  Chan and I did not go to bed til 1 AM since we watched the Lizzie McGuire movie…too excited.


The bus ride was fine and did not seem like 4 hours… maybe it was because I had my main man by my side to whisper sweet knowledge about the Vatican, The Forum, and the Colosseum to me.

We visited the Vatican which included the museum (it was way too long of a tour for my taste) stood in the sistine chapel, then went to St. Peter’s.

Luckily the weather was perfect. We visited the colosseum, the forum, then went back to our hotel.

Thanks to some Rome Alumnae, Carly Ann Johnson and Jen Greene, we lived the life in Roma.

Penne Vodka at Hostaria Del Moro AKA Tony's

We went to Hostaria Del Moro then walked our way to DJ bar…Mojitos. non stop. We walked through Trestevare, got into a cab, then sat and ate gelato looking at the trevi. So Lizzie.

Late night trevi visit

Day 2:

Strugs. We got on the metro to the Capuchin Crypt, visited the trevi and spanish steps (it was raining) then stopped at the Pantheon. We decided to stay an extra night in Rome because one day was just not enough for my redemption.

Raining at the trevi.

Chan and I went shopping through Campo De Fiore then met up with Jess and Sara for our evening adventure. Sara and I drank our 11 euro Vod ton’s a little too quickly and were gigs in the cab and at the restaurant.

This is what dreams are made of.

Went back to hostaria del moro aka tony’s, DJ bar (allegedly sean paul and bhusta rhymes frequent the place when they visit rome), Abbey theatre, Bloom, and Ice club. We of course ended up at a kebab shop.

Mojito fiesta
Ice club

Day 3:

Strugs. Rode bikes in the Borghese gardens then went to a spot that overlooked all of Rome, had pizza at Buffeto’s 2, and relaxed at Wine mercato.

Biking in Borghese
Relaxing at the Mercato

Train: shambles. so crowded. Our train was not listed. It was pure chaos. Our train was delayed for another 3 hours so we were told to hop onto a train heading towards milan. The woman told us to sit anywhere. Turns out, there were 4 empty seats in the first class cabin.

so lizzie.

This is what dreams are made of.