First night out at the U of A

My name is no longer Lisa.

The only name that I respond to is Giggles.

I didn’t know Gigs had so many readers. People quoting the blog, made me love life.

I’m pretty sure that every senior at the U of A is in the same state as I am at this very moment: a Desert Coma.

A Desert Coma is when your hungover and it’s too hot outside to drink iced coffee. Ya, that bad.

Each senior pretended as if we were freshman last night. If this is the way the year will continue, I may have to go to rehab.

For everyone that had class before 11 AM, I feel the pain. Still feeling the effects from last night, I told my teacher that everyone in my 20 person class should get to know each other. Next, I asked her if we could play a name game.


It was a three hour class.

Round two tonight desert bunnies, See everyone at Ben’s.