The Rec

Vegas is only a day away,  so I decided to work out semi-intense at the Rec today.

After my excruciating 50 minutes of Cardio, I noticed that I was sweating on my pink  shirt.

It’s a desert, it happens, and I have begun to accept it.

I avoided the mats and decided to veer downstairs to escape glares from well, anyone.

There was one person I could not escape: The man at the desk, as I walked down the stairs,

I noticed he was smiling, so I thought, “oh he’s just laughing because i’m sweaty and gross.”

Then to top it off, he goes, “have a good day” and chuckles. I thought he was almost congratualting me on my intense workout.


It was not until I got to my car, also known as snowcat,  and realized what had happened.

It looked like I was suiting up for a football game.

My mascara had formed two lines under my eyes.

While I thought the Desk man was congratulating me, he was really mocking me.

I BARELY put any on, like NOTHING and this is what I get!

What I looked like.... So my life
I also resembled a raccoon

SO MY LIFE!!!!!!!!