Survival at the UA Library

1. Wear Hardtails: who wants to be wearing shorts on the scratchy chairs.

2. Parka: No matter how hot it is outside, bring a sweater. It becomes Antarctica in many areas. Burr.

3. Stay hydrated. I advise bringing a gallon, even though you may look like one of those fools who wears a ‘Muscle Milk’ tank.


*Side note

Why the hell are there no vending machines downstairs? Yes, I know they are in the ILC, but who wants to walk there?

I’m not talking about late night snacks, if your really desperate, you would stop at the U-Mart on your way and get gummy worms.

Just a Dasani machine, is that so much to ask?

Yes, I know there is the Bookend Cafe, but really… If you’re a true library goer, you stay waaaay after it closes.

4. Have Cat Card at all times: I forgot my CatCard and had to ask someone to get me into the library. I’m guessing to prevent homeless people…hopefully I wasn’t mistaken for one. So My Life.

5. Hermit: if you want to be anti-social, go on the 5th floor to study. Single desks, study rooms with harsh lighting, and no tables for sharing a box of  Ritz crackers with friends.

At least it was from the Fresco menu….

6. Late night regret: It is a different kind of remorse than late night t-bell on saturday. It is the remorse that you feel knowing you were completely coherent going through a drive-thru on Speedway.

Don’t ever go to the Law Library. I got kicked out for eating nuts. NUTS!