Better late than never.

Promoter Jessica Rugg

The sorority posse arrived to Veygaus, spray tanned, ready for no sleep, and excessive drinking. We stayed at the infamous TI (Treasure Island) it was an experience to say the least, with the giant pirate ship in front.

*It had a Starbucks for Chitters, also known as Cammie West, and I to go and question our actions/morals the next day.

The posse was worried we would have issues with crowds, but have no fear Jessica Rugg is here. Saving the day, time after time, club to club.

I’m pretty sure, that while walking anywhere, whether it be to the club, the casino, or even just down the hall, everyone in the sorority posse had Afrojack’s “take over control” playing as their background music.  I know I did.

Giggles reflections…

People in Veygaus

A lot of foreign men, who think its funny to see Americans eyes glisten with hope/desperation as they pour Perrier Jouet.

Eating at random times during the day:


Went to Maggiano’s a fine eatery, when they almost refused to seat us because of our “apparel.” We went there after Encore Beach. Our glares said it all. “what do you expect fool? Its Veygaus.” Cammie proceeded to order a bottle of wine which was a struggle for everyone to drink.


Similar to Cabo, there is no choice but to give it your all and rally.  You don’t go out after a day at the pool, you fail…. At least in my eyes you do. This isn’t a shorts and tank tops vacation, its full on cocktail attire, jewelry and all. You better  know what your getting into, or else your screwed.

Notice the fear and helplessnes in their eyes

Car Ride:

I refuse to do this after hearing horror stories of struggles, bumper to bumper traffic, and well, let’s just say it…. potential DUI. But those that do brace the car ride, let me applaud you because I know that members of the sorority posse, Megan McEun, had a rough drive home.


Vegas=Veygaus for everyone from Danville, CA