Old giggle.

I am in my Italian class and cannot focus. This is an old giggle but still fun

Giggles: acting like it was my 21st.

Besides nearly getting killed by the Cat Tran outside of Oy Vey Cafe, stepping in mud during the monsoon, also known as the apocalypse, and the usual overeating, life at the U of A has been pretty enjoyable this week. School has not consumed my life as much, and it was a week of celebration.

Natasha’s birthday was on tuesday and it was not just any birthday… It was the 2-1. You know what that means: Excessive Facebook notifications, too many rubber duckies, and no recollection of the night. Just a typical college birthday. But this birthday was not just any birthday. It was a slap in the face kinda birthday.

Skank and I

The Aftermath

But anyways, the cops come and of course everyone scampers out like desert bunnies to calls cabs. I watch as my friends all stand in a line and hand over their ID’s. Such a great moment because everyone was 21. No red tag, no MIP’s. Rats…

Gentle Ben’s

I arrived to Gentle Ben’s, and it was then that I did not feel like a high schooler being chased away by the police, but the 21 soon to be 22 year old that I am. It was packed! Tuesday is the new thursday… Well maybe only this week because everyone is driving to USC early Friday…


I pretended like it was my 21st birthday. Help. 2 for 1 drinks should be illegal. Actually I take that back, it was great at the time, but I was paying for my vodka tonics the next day. So bad, that I went to Chick-Fil-A. By myself, at 3 pm… low point.