I am struggles 11.

SOS to the fifth.

And chugging water like it’s my business.

The only thing that is keeping me sane, are the quotes from bridesmaids that my roommates recite all day, everyday.

Last night everyone at the U of A went to Zenrock. If you weren’t there, then I don’t know you.

Giggles recently got a job working for #MobilizingMarketing, and couldn’t be more excited about it. My two favorite things: PR and drinking. It doesn’t get much better than that.


But anyways, the posse gathered for a soiree, and it is there that led to my demise. To ensure a great evening, I decided to sip a little too much of the cool aid….

The soiree

We left the PG and got on the swanky party bus, where some people also known as Kimberly Koenig, pretended like they were on their way to a prom after party.

We arrived at the rock, grabbed some champ, and strolled down to our fab table that the lovely Austin Leshay and Alex “Party P” Pattis provided.

Here’s my only question…Why is there a lock on the vodka?

vodka lock

Back in the day, also known as this summer, I took advantage of my 21-year-old status. I became a club rat.

My days as club rat are over. I’m pretty sure that the reason I got pneumonia this summer was because I was imitating Lindsay Lohan. So lost.

Club rat days are o'er

In LA and Vegas, the bottles are left on the table for the server to pour or for the table to serve themselves. I can still hear Swedish House Mafia’s “One” as I recall this time in my life.

Here in the desert the state liquor law requires that venues can only serve a certain amount of alcohol to someone at one time.

That’s why they had the lock on the vodka. To prevent ex-club rats like me from reaching and pouring their own way too strong drink.

Club rat enablers: reeny and cammie

In my case, the lock was great, because if it was a Vegas club things could have gotten weird with the grey goose.

I ended up having a great evening. I wound up sleeping on top of the covers in my dress, and then because I looked so scary from my hangover got asked by my teacher if I was “high” during office hours.

Yeah, that happened.

My struggles were not so bad, after I went to Sauce and inhaled the macaroni and cheese.