My shorts are tighter.

Once again, I ended up at Chick-Fil-A.

So shameful. Even more shameful is that I was alone.

For some reason, it feels acceptable to get a Big-Mac when you have

your friends, also known as enablers, surrounding you.

Since I was alone, it felt wrong, and as if I was doing something illegal.

The worst part about fast food, is when there is a line and I can reflect on my decision of eating greasy lard.

It is there that I begin to question, “Why am I here. How will this 12 -piece chicken nugget meal effect me?” How much longer will I have to stay on the treadmill after ordering a large fry?”

Ever since I came back from Italy, the transition from carbohydrates to lettuce has not been as easy as I thought it would be.

I’ve noticed a pattern. All week  I will work out, eat healthy, and would rather gnaw on ice than go to a fast food restaurant.

But then come Thursday, all my fast food moral are thrown out the window.

Take last night for example. Me and my friends/enablers went to Taco Bell.


As an addict is to meth, Taco Bell is to me.

We spend an extra $10 for the cab to wait in the drive-thru line, just so I can get my chicken quesadilla fix.

I will not name the people in the car because they would prefer to remain anonymous, but last night, I spent $40 at taco bell.

You may think $40? There must have been quite a few people in Winston’s van. But no. There were 3 people who ate the food.

I’ve admitted that I have a problem.


My late night binge eating is very unbecoming and could effect the choice of halloween costume.

This is senior year of college. In my mind, this is the last year of my life that I can dress a tid bit risque without people inflicting serious judgement… Even though everyone judges because this is the U of A, I’m talking judgement from co-workers.

Translate: This is the last year girls can dress slutty without anybody saying anything.

Still end up at taco bell senior year

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not just because of the candy corn and the excuse I give myself for shamelessly drinking a pumpkin spice latte. But because it gets colder (I don’t do well in the heat), and there’s just something about the season.

I would tell the world what my halloween costume is going to be, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

I will say that it is three words. And will require hours at the gym.

Where I end my thursdays

There is also a picture of it on my wall to inspire motivation which doesn’t seem to be working.


xoxo gossip gigs.